05-01 Embassy Of Sweden
05-05 HTC Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
05-06/07 Young Living Singapore Pte. Ltd.
05-08 Advanide Holdings Pte. Ltd.
06-01 Will Tech Singapore Pte. Ltd.
06-01/02 SAA Global Education Centre Pte. Ltd.
06-02 Innate Healing Solutions Pte. Ltd.
06-03 to 07 Revlon Manufacturing Ltd / Elizabeth Arden (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
06-09 WE & Partners LLP
06-13 Physio Dynamics Pte. Ltd.
06-14 Guess ? Singapore Pte Ltd
07-02/03 Herbalife International Singapore Pte. Ltd.
07-12 Asia One Chiropractic Pte. Ltd.
07-13 Walutje/Berkeley Pte. Ltd.
07-14 NXG Global International Pte. Ltd.
08-01 Yuan Sheng TCM Clinic
08-02 Consulate General Of Georgia
08-03 Family Health Chiropractic Clinic
08-05 SP2F Pte. Ltd. (GCM)
08-06 Winston Oh Hearing Pte. Ltd. / Beltone Hearing Centre
08-07 Bell & Ross Singapore Pte. Ltd.
08-08 Leabon Technologies Pte. Ltd.
08-09 SK Chemical Trading (HK) Limited (Singapore Branch)
08-11 Mu Yi Media & Culture Pte. Ltd.
08-12 Renovaré Pte. Ltd.
08-13 Genesis Chiropractic Pte. Ltd.
08-14 Singapore Zhengqi International Trading Pte. Ltd.
08-16 to 19 INEOS Styrolution APAC Pte. Ltd.
08-20 to 28 PropertyGuru Group
09-01 Kumon Learning Centre
09-02/03 Parkway Pantai Limited
09-02A Casio Singapore Pte. Ltd.
09-02B Preferred Hotel Group
09-05/07 Afton Chemical Asia Pte. Ltd.
10-01 Marubeni Asian Power Singapore Pte. Ltd.
10-02 Casio Singapore Pte. Ltd.
10-03/04 Herbalife International Singapore Pte. Ltd.
10-05 IBC Asia (S) Pte. Ltd.
10-06 TwentyEighty
11-02 ACG Management Pte. Ltd.
11-02A Orbit Academy Centre
11-03 East Continent Energy Pte. Ltd.
11-03A Samsonite Singapore Pte. Ltd.
11-22 Perennial (Somerset) Pte. Ltd. (Centre Management Office)
11-22 CBRE Pte. Ltd. (Operation Office)
12-02 to 04 Delfi Limited
12-05 WorleyParsons Pte. Ltd.
12-25 to 27 Canadian Education College Pte. Ltd.
13-06 Tuas Power Generation Pte. Ltd.
13-22 to 40 WorleyParsons Pte. Ltd.
14-01 Toray International Singapore Pte. Ltd.
14-02 B & G Consultant Pte. Ltd.
14-05 to 15 Hitachi Capital Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
14-16 to 21 INEOS Styrolution APAC Pte. Ltd.
14-31 to 34 Temasek Management Services Pte. Ltd.
15-01 Parkway Pantai Limited
15-02 Goshen Global Management Pte. Ltd.
15-03 The Physio Movement Pte. Ltd.
15-05 Red Beacon Asset Management Pte. Ltd.
15-06 Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited
15-09 to 12 Rina Hong Kong Limited (Singapore Branch)
15-16 LSP Health & Lifestyle Singapore Pte. Ltd.
15-17 Global Grand Holdings Pte. Ltd.
15-18 R3 Asset Management Pte. Ltd.
15-19 Titanplatform Pte. Ltd.
15-20 Chiropractic Studio Singapore Pte. Ltd.
16-01/02 Insurance Australia Group
16-03 Nexans Singapore Pte. Ltd.
16-06 Trade Commission of Sweden
17-01 Kering South East Asia Pte. Ltd. (Kering/ Bottega Veneta)
17-05 Gucci Singapore Pte. Ltd.